Dan Stenqvist (signature series)

Dan Stenqvist started his barista career 10 years ago by extracting espresso in his kitchen instead of going out on Saturdays nights. Since then he has moved away from his home to a more professional setting and can now be found behind the espresso machine at Solde Kaffebar and Kaffebaren in Malmö. Along side his work as a professional barista Dan is a founding member of Team Solde and the man behind renowned Swedish coffee blog Bloggen för livsnjutare.

I have used different tampers, both from Impod and others, throughout my career but I haven’t yet found one ideal for me; there has always been something not feeling right, either in the shape or in the material.

It has been a dream of mine for a long time to design my own tamper and when Impod asked me to design a signature model, I was of course both excited and flattered!

Impod and I have worked together to develop this tamper, based on my vision of the optimal/ ideal tamper, both when it comes to design, the material and how it feels in the hand of a barista.
Dan Stenqvist, 2010